Why is Pupillary Distance or PD for short an important measurement for you? What is the PD measuring? And why is the PD missing in so many prescriptions although it is important for every customer, especially when you are ordering progressive glasses? Why do opticians leave out the PD measurement for their own customers is a total mystery to us but do not worry, we will help you with this or in fact any other question or challenge you might have when you are ordering our fashionable glasses.  

We will answer all these questions in this blog, and we will also show you how to measure your PD yourself when the opticians have neglected their job. The measuring part is easy and there is no need to be afraid of it.  

The PD measures the distance between centers of your pupils, and it is used to determine the most accurate point for your eyes when you look through the lenses. The optician is usually talking about centering the lens for you, but I find that quite funny as they do not even include the value in your prescription... So, whatever the optician tells you about centering the lenses or any of the sort is a pure myth and opticians use that as a propaganda tool so that you keep coming back to them. All you need is the PD measurement and then the machine will manufacture the lenses accordingly and there is no need for an optician nor is there anything else that the optician can do. After all, the machine does all the work, and the optician is obsolete.  

What is the reason behind opticians leaving out the PD when it is valuable information for you? We think it is for the sole purpose of locking you in at their shop so that you cannot order glasses from anywhere else as you are missing the PD. This obviously such malicious practice which we will never do to you, and it is a business model we do not believe in. It is sad that a few companies owning most of the eyewear industry not only do this while keeping their monopoly alive this but also do not offer proper services to their own customers while still charging a ludicrous amount of money for basic glasses. Thankfully, there is finally a better option for you.  

So, how can I measure the PD for myself then?  

Measuring the PD is remarkably simple, and you only need a ruler for that. Place the ruler so that the 0 cm is in the middle of the left or right eye. The PD is measured from the middle point of the left eye to the middle point of the right eye which gives you a value of let us say 62 mm. When inputting the prescription into our system, please divide the result into 2 and you get the PD per eye, which in this case is 31 mm.  

The below picture illustrates how you can easily measure the value alone or together with a friend.

That is how easy it is to measure the PD. That is how easy it is to do the job of an optician so why would you ever pay hundreds of euros or thousands of euros for simple glasses when you can do the service yourself and order cheap glasses from us? Welcome to shop with us and get ready to save hundreds of euros! 


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