I am writing this post because knowing the right size for your glasses is still relatively new for people and there is so much ambiguity created on purpose by the opticians that I thought I will tell a couple of stories from real life regarding the size of the frames.


First story is from a customer of us. This customer approached us by asking what the best model would be and fit for this said person and we of course thought that let’s start by knowing the size and then we take it from there.  Once we know the right size, we can ensure the right fit and then we can choose the right model and style. When we received all the related information, the customer was very surprised that all the glasses had different sizes although they all fit well and all of them had been purchased from an optician. The sizes in these frames were 50-19-140, 49-20-140, 48-19-140 and sunglasses with 47-21-140. This means that the customer had three different sizes for the width of the lens, three sizes for the width of the nose bridge and to the surprise of all of us, the length of the temple was indeed the same!


Another example comes from close to home from a brunch that one of our founders had with his friends. The beautiful morning turned into a hot and sunny day so naturally everyone came in wearing sunglasses. We of course hoped that they would all be wearing Magyia sunglasses but there were still other brands present. At some point, our co-founder wanted to try everyone’s sunglasses, which led others to try on Magyia sunglasses which in turn lead to every trying everyone else’s sunglasses. When our co-founder said he wanted to try other people’s sunglasses people generally said what is the point, they won’t fit you anyway.  He said: Well, let’s see but I do believe most of them will fit. And after all, of course all of them fit all the friends, with no issues at all. Some of the narrower ones were slightly tight on some people but after gently bending the temples they fit well too (don’t worry it is very easy to bend them back too). Everyone was surprised that the sunglasses fit so well but our co-founder was not, he knew that is normal. All of us at Magyia have tried every single one of our frames and I can honestly say, at least 80% of them has fit me well if not even perfectly.


At the end of the day, we all have one nose, two eyes and two ears. It is not rocket science to ensure glasses fit our faces. After all we are all pretty much the same although there are minor differences in the size of our face.


Just a kind reminder how to read the size of your frames. There is a three number combination written in the temple of the frames such as 50-19-140 that tells you the exact size of your existing frame. The first number tells you the width of the lens, the second the width of the nose bridge and the last one the length of the temple. We also tell you the height of the lens on our website. So just remember the three numbers next time when you shop with us because you wouldn’t forget the size of your jeans or the size of your shoes, would you?


Happy shopping!


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