Presbyopia, also known as reading blur, affects many adults over the age of 40 years and above. Most of us have seen the condition happening on our loved ones; they have difficulty reading small print and they end up holding their phones or books as far away as they can in order to read them clearly. We have all seen them also going back and forth with their hand in order to find the right distance to read the small print and some might even complain that their arms are not long enough to find a comfortable reading distance. This can of course look quite amusing to people not suffering from the symptoms, but unfortunately the presbyopia symptoms associated with can be headache and eyestrain and if it is not corrected properly it can get even worse in the long run.

But not to worry, presbyopia is a normal part of our aging process. It is a type of refractive error such as near or farsightedness and astigmatism. The most common way to correct presbyopia is to use prescription reading glasses or progressive lenses. Thankfully at Magyia we offer prescription reading glasses tailored individually to both of your eyes' needs starting at €19.90 for the frames and lenses are always fixed at €15. In case you want progressive lenses, you can select any frame that you like and add the progressive lenses with as little as €50, always at a fixed price with no hidden extra cost. Don't wait to be able enjoy your favorite book and get yourself trendy new glasses at an affordable price!

Happy reading!


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