When you start to have problems reading small print, especially under weak lighting, then you most likely will need reading glasses. Your vision has started to weaken and in order to not let it get worse, we recommend you to get a pair of our stylish frames and tailor them to your reading needs.

Reading glasses will help you to see clearly within close distances. The thicker the lens (and also the higher the prescription) the bigger the items appear. You can think of reading glasses working with the same principle as a magnifying glass. And many times due to the mental image of magnifying glass, many people refrain from using reading glasses.

While we want to democratize the eyewear industry and bring fashionable eyewear to the masses, we also want you to know all of our trendy frames can be turned into reading glasses. There is really no need to buy ugly petrol station glasses nor is there a need to pay 400 euros for lenses that you can get from us with 15 euros. Eyewear is meant to be accesible while fashionable and most likely that's why you have came to Magyia in the first place.


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