Farsightedness, also known as hyperopia, is a common vision condition where you can see objects far away clearly but objects close by appear blurry. This in turn may influence your ability to focus, or you might get tired, dry eyes, and even headache may appear more often as well. Farsightedness can also be hereditary, just like nearsightedness. Additionally, it can be part of aging and people suffering from farsightedness will usually need reading glasses.

The best way to treat farsightedness is to use the so called plus glasses (Near Vision lenses at Magyia) which are thin at the edge of the lenses and thicker in the middle. At Magyia we offer these lenses at only 15 euros. In addition, if you have over 2.5 correction, we do recommend you to get thinner lenses, with an additional cost of only 15 euros. For a low cost, you can get your favourite frames with personalized prescription easily and begin perhaps the first time in your life a better than ever vision.


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