How can I know the right size for my glasses? I have for years tried them out at the local optician so there is no way I can figure out the right size! These are the most frequently posted comments on our social media platforms. The fear and resistance is strong but again, this is just as simple as it is with clothing or the shoes we wear. It has been once again made to be so complicated that you just need the expertise of the optician and cannot survive without them (and their 800-euro prices for glasses costing actually 80 euros). It has been very clever to make the size out to be complicated but in the end it is not. It is time to break that fear and save yourself hundreds, if not a thousand euros.

Do you remember your last time at a local shop trying out glasses? You tried out anything from 5-10 pairs and actually, most of them fit you nicely. Of course, you didn’t like all of them but actually it was the style that you didn’t like and not actually the size. Maybe one, maximum two did not fit you that well. So already that tells us that it is really not that complicated to select the right size for yourself. Yes, some people say they need the expertise of the local optician to tell them what looks good on them, but the true expert is you. You are the one who knows what you like the most and what suits your personality the best, not someone who meets you once and wants to sell you overpriced glasses.

So how do you know what size to select? The easiest way is to check the size from your current glasses. The size is always marked in the arm of the glasses, and it is written with a 3 number series, for example like 50-21-142. The first one indicates the width of the lenses, the second one indicates the size of the nose bridge and the last one indicates the length of the arm. With these 3 numbers you can find the exact or the closest size and you will find glasses that fit you amazingly! All of our glasses have a size written in them as well as on the website.

Once you know your size it will be easy to look for glasses within similar sizes. And of course, it has been made easy for you with our refined search options; Size L, M and S indicate a range for each one and once you know you are within that range, then you can filter according to your size.

Now that you know how to select your size, isn’t time to leave the crazily priced glasses behind and select the glasses that cost you what they should cost! Looking forward to seeing you soon and if you still need any help, our customer service is more than happy to assist you in your next purchase.


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