Some people who are interested in shopping at Magyia sometimes are worried that they are not visiting an optician when they finalize their purchase. The fact that we are fully online based is still a foreign concept for some and that makes people still hesitate on their purchase, until we finally convince them to join us!


There are a lot of myths going on when it comes to buying glasses. The biggest myth that persists is that the optician makes the glasses and only they can make it for you. Did you ever stop to think why do opticians in general take 2-3 weeks to make the glasses, if they make them at the shop? Are they not manufacturing the glasses behind the secret curtain? Or does making lenses take 3 weeks as you already have the frames ready at the shop? The answer is of course that no it won’t take that long. Opticians just send their prescription to the lenses factories that manufacture the lenses somewhere in Asia (with 95 % probability) and that is why it takes so long for them. That is the same time as we generally take to get you your favorite pair with the only difference that we deliver the glasses to your doorstep whereas you need to visit the optical shop at least twice. So, the only thing that the optician might do, is to cut the lenses shape and pop it in the frames, if you are lucky.


The only advantage the optician has is that you can get your prescription there. That is the prescription that they use to order the lenses and the same prescription we use to manufacture our lenses. In the end there is no magic or mystic involved in lenses manufacturing. You just enter the prescription into a machine that does the shaping automatically according to your prescription. Although we cannot just yet offer you the prescription service, most of the places do offer this for free. If you have guilty conscience about getting it for free, just remember those same people have been charging you 500-800 euros per glasses whereas it should have been 50-80 euros. So….


Another thing that people worry about is how to get the frames to fit your face. Astonishingly big amount of people does not know their own size. Think about it, you most likely do not know your glasses size! Do you know the size of your jeans? Do you know the size of your shoes? What do you think about a doctor who does not tell you your height, weight, what is hurting you or what needs improvements and the doctor would only say trust me, I will take care of this. Imagine how wrong it is that the optician has never told you your own glasses size!


Do not worry about the size, it is very simple to understand. There are three numbers that are written inside the temples, for instance 50-19-145. The first number tells you the width of the lens, the second number represents the width of the nose bridge, and the third number is the length of the temple. That is how simple it is, and you do not need an optician for this. Just keep this in mind next time you are browsing through our collections.


Another perceived advantage that opticians apparently have is the after service. We have asked many times about this magical after service to understand what it is really. The lenses have been made, the frames have been made and you cannot affect either one of them anymore at this stage. In other words, there are only two kinds of possible services left: tightening the screw in the temple and bending the temple. Tightening the screw is very easy, and it feels almost wrong to talk about it but let’s do it anyway. Open the temples so that they are in 90-degree angle to the front of the frames. Tighten the screw with the screwdriver while holding on the glasses. That is it.


Bending the temples is also very easy. When the optician goes behind the secret curtain, they go there because they need to heat up the frames. That is something you can do yourself just by running hot water from the tap for 30-45 seconds which heats up the acetate and thus makes it bend easier. Once the frame is heated up then just bend them gently and there you have it, all the “after sales service” that the optician can offer. Is this worth to pay ten times more for your glasses so that you can get service that takes 2-3 minutes? And remember we are talking about service that you can do yourself easily. We don’t think that it is worth it, but we will leave it up to you to decide!


All in all, this is the difference between us and an optician. Just to recap all the points, our lenses are just as good, accurate and well made as opticians, we have the same delivery time as they do, our prices are on average one tenth of their prices and we just told you how to do the after sales service yourself. So next time you are buying glasses, keep this in mind and we are pretty sure you will end up at very fast as who wants to pay ten times more for such a simple product?


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