How can the prices be so cheap? This cannot be true, this must be a scam, otherwise the prices could not be that cheap. This is the most common first reaction we receive when people see the prices. The second reaction is that well with these prices, the quality must be low, it cannot be great quality if the price is this low. The third reaction is that glasses must be expensive. I have always paid 400-800 euros for my glasses, so I need to do that in the future as well. There is no other way as this is how it was done before.  

We hear this every day and multiple times a day. This is nothing new to us so I thought I might as well write about it and let you know why the prices are so low while the quality is still high. I know it will be tough to hear & internalize and your intuition will tell you that these guys just want to sell more and that is why they write this but trust me, change takes time and effort and is sometimes difficult to go through. It will be tough to forgive yourself for paying 800 euros for something that cost only 50 euros. But it is not about looking back, it is all about looking forward; how can you make a better choice so you can spend that money on something else that you love and not spend so much on just glasses.  

So how can we really offer excellent quality at this price? At the end of the day, glasses are a simple product that consists of two major parts. You have the frame that is mostly made of acetate (bendy, plastic like material) or metal and you have the lenses. First part, the frames, are made in a mold where the material is squeezed into the shape, and it is automatically done these days. There is truly little material that goes into the glasses and at the same time the material is very affordable. So that is why producing a simple frame does not cost more than 10 euros. Of course, there are differences between frames; the thickness, shape, color and so on which will make a difference in the production cost and the end price for you, but there are no frames that should cost you +200 euros as nothing justifies this. So just think of this next time you see frames that cost more than 50 euros...  

The second fear is that quality is low as the frame cost is cheap. And of course, if you pay only 1 euro for production cost you will have less quality. But we do not do that, we would rather pay minimum 10 euros for a frame so that we can guarantee high quality. Paying at least 10 euros is already 10 times higher cost in production than the cheap 1-euro frames. So, think about that, at least 10 times more goes into the frame than the cheapest ones; now that should really guarantee exceptional quality. If you knew your bicycle would cost 10 times more to produce than the cheapest one, then I think you would be quite excited about the quality of your new bicycle.  

Lenses really fall into the same principle as frames. At the end of the day, it is a simple product as well. And most importantly, it is fully automatically made by machine. The factory enters the prescription and the lenses options, and the machine does the work; the grinding, the shaping of the lenses, the coating and once it is done, it is fully customized to your needs. So of course, such a customized product will cost more but progressive lenses, even the thinner ones should not cost you more than 65 euros!  

The final fear is the hardest to break; it is the status quo, the habit. We are so used to paying outrageous prices for glasses that it feels wrong to pay so little. How can it be possible? The mind tries to rationalize this but, in the end, deep down inside we know that we do not have to continue to pay these crazy prices. This all happened in so many industries already years ago but has not happened in the eyewear industry yet. Jeans used to cost 200 euros, but now you can get great jeans for 30-50 euros. Flights were thousands of euros 30 years ago and now you can fly for a fraction of that price. This is just the same natural development that happened in other industries happening in the eyewear industry.  

So, the decision is yours, do you want to take the red pill, or do you want to take the blue pill (think Matrix)? Do you want to change, pay the right price, and use the money for something else and join the revolution? The choice is yours and we look forward to seeing you on the other side!


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