Blue light has become a hot topic in recent years. There are a lot of questions about blue light and how to protect yourself from it. In fact, all of us come in direct contact with blue light from the sun every day and it is generally good for our health as it helps us to regulate our natural circadian rythm. However, as our daily devices and light bulbs that we come in contact with have moved to LED, our eyes are now receiving an increasing amount of blue light, especially when many of us had to and have to work from home being constantly in front of a screen. Currently there are no conclusive studies if blue light is harmful for our eyes in the long run, but what we already know, is that sometimes your eyes get tired, dry and irritated after looking at screens for too long and you might even get a headache from it. Additionally what is already known is that for some people it is difficult to fall asleep after being exposed to blue light before bedtime; so if it is hard for you to fall asleep at night, maybe you should try one of our blue light filtered lenses.

Thankfully, for every problem there is also a solution. At Magyia you can select the blue light filter for all of your lenses with a fixed low price of 15 euros. You can do this for any frame you want; just select your favourite frames, add your prescription and add the blue light filter. You can easily also get blue light filtered lenses without prescription easily; if you are a gamer or work with screens a lot, this is a must try!


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